Why "Cohesive" Instagram Accounts Bore Me | Alyssa J Cori: Why "Cohesive" Instagram Accounts Bore Me

February 23, 2016

Why "Cohesive" Instagram Accounts Bore Me

Ok, don't shoot me based on the title of this post! I can see all of the pro Instagrammers out there gathering their pitchforks and getting ready to break my door down and knock some sense into me. There's no doubt that "cohesive" Instagram accounts (you know, the ones that are all white, or are always moody and gray) are visually appealing and are more likely to gain followers than, say, accounts like mine where I post what I want, when I want, in whatever filter I happen to fancy at the moment. However, here are some reasons why these sort of accounts are just boring to me.
Click to read now, or pin to save for later! I feel like such a rebel for saying this, but cohesive Instagram accounts bore me! Here's why

They are SO staged.

I can get behind the occasional flat lay and can even tolerate the basic coffee shot, but when this is what an account revolves around you bet I am done with it faster than you can adjust the brightness to achieve that washed out look which is so in right now.

They lose their originality.

When you're scrolling through your feed and every photo that comes up seems like a variation on the one before, it's as though everyone took "inspiration" from each other a little too far.

There's no variety.

Seeing the same exact same type of photo from one Instagrammer (I mean, how many times can I look at a shot of their DW watch decked arm holding a latte?) over and over again just makes me want to shake them. Is this truly what you do everyday? Do you never encounter a situation where the coloring is not part of your brand look? Do you think that just because a moment doesn't fit with your aesthetic it isn't worthy of being posted? The whole point of social media platforms is to share snippets of our lives with our friends, family, and followers; why not make that real? It's far more interesting than the homogenous trend going on right now.

What are your thoughts on the "cohesive" Instagram account? Is it all it's cracked up to be? Am I missing something?


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