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February 4, 2016

The #1 Question To Ask In An Interview

I love going on interviews. I'm weird. I know, they are nerve wrecking and my palms certainly sweat just like everyone else, but I have a secret which allows every interview to be a success. Of course you must come prepared with questions and have background knowledge of the company and all of that. That's a given. What you may not know is there is a key question to ask at the end of every interview which will guarantee success.

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After going through the normal exchange and demonstrating to the interviewer why you are a great fit and bring unique skills to the position, there may still be some doubts that haven't come to light. If there is even the slightest bit of hesitancy on the part of the interviewer it is essential that you find that out and address it during your interview. You want to walk out of the room with 100% certainty that you did everything you could to ensure that the interviewer moves you on to the next steps. You know that key question I mentioned before? That's what you're going to use to find out if there are any lingering doubts and take care of them then and there. This is how you're going to close your interview.

What is this question, you ask? Well, it's very simple:

Based on everything we've discussed is there any reason you wouldn't recommend me for the position?

Let's look at the possible answers to see how this question is a win for you no matter what.

Answer 1: No, you've shown you're a really great fit and I'm happy to recommend that you move on in the process. 
Score! You got verbal confirmation that you did a great job.

Answer 2: Yes, I'm concerned about x.
Ok, you've still got a little bit of work to do. Let's say x was you're lack of professional experience because you're a college student and haven't really been in the work force. You could discuss your leadership on campus and how you interacted with administrators, demonstrating that you can be effective in a professional setting. Then you must ask, "Did that address your concern?" If you get a yes, you're good to go!

With this question up your sleeve you'll always know where you stand and be able to represent yourself so well. Go out there and show them what you've got!

What are your best interview tips? Would you use this question?


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