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October 29, 2015

Inspiration Lately

I have been loving what I've been reading/listening to/looking at recently so I thought I'd share with all of you what has been inspiring me.

Inspiration Lately

It's absolutely no secret that I LOVE Pinterest. I've blogged all about how to organize your account and have shared inspiring pins before, but let me tell you this season my boards have been over the top spectacular. Here's just a taste of what's going on over on Pinterest.

After hearing about BOY from Darling Magazine, I've become hooked. I particularly love their song Oh Boy and these lines:
Her lips make the cherries and the berries
And the apples look pale
She could ask anything, you would do anything
No matter what you would obey

Also, I've shared Andrew Belle's work before, but it warrants sharing again because he is such a favorite.

There are so many great, inspiring sites out there that I'm head over heels for so here's a selection of the best articles lately:

You Look Healthy: On why we should embrace this compliment rather than reject it.
Every Celebrity Interview: This is seriously too funny! Basically, it goes to show how we have an ideal which isn't quite as unique as we would like to think.
30 Things I Know Now That I Didn't Always: I'm a sucker for lessons posts and I really enjoy Meg's writing.
On Asking For Help: And a somewhat recent post of mine which is a personal favorite.

What's been inspiring you?


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