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October 8, 2015

Branding And Kate Spade

Everyone, I found my life in a video! Dates gone awry, writing by myself at dinner, having MY usual spot (I'm looking at you 3rd table window seat second floor of the library), pretending to be in a film while actually just talking to myself, debating if my social media posts will be perceived as amusing or not, and eating copious amounts of desserts.
Branding And Kate Spade

This Kate Spade short film is everything and I'm obsessed!

When I originally wrote this post, I was just going to leave it at that: share a fun video and keep it light at the end of the week. But as I think about it more, what does the fact that I felt compelled to share this and the degree to which I related to the video say about the work of the Kate Spade brand? To me it says that they have effectively defined their niche and have leveraged celebrity power to promote a lifestyle where their products are essentials. Basically, what every brand is trying to do and what, in my humble opinion, only some do well.

What sets them apart? I would say not trying to be everything to everyone. Kate Spade is not attempting to appeal to the tomboy or the grunge girl; they are bright, colorful, and perfectly girly. They focus their attention on a very specific market and dominate.

When put into blogging perspective (because I really just can't help myself), we also can't be appealing to all different readers. Sure, we can write a variety of posts and cover topics we think will be universally well received, but I would argue that it's far more important to be the best at providing a specific type of content. Easier said than done...

Have you ever seen a video and just been like "YES"?


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