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October 13, 2015

An Ode To Autumn

I feel so much better when the weather turns cold. Seriously. It's not that I don't appreciate the summer and the wonderful activities that it allows, but the heat is simply not my thing. And the bugs. And having to put on sunscreen. And sweating. But this post is not about raining on summer's parade, rather, this is an ode to the obviously best season: Autumn

An Ode To Autumn

First off, school starts. I love going to class and studying in the library and burying my nose in a book whenever I get the chance. If I could go to school for my entire life I certainly would. Being surrounded by people whose chief objective is to learn is absolute bliss.

Secondly, layers. As much as I love a sundress, there is nothing like being able to wear layers in the fall. It adds such visual interest and allows me to be more creative with my looks. Plus, tights are awesome and riding boots are everything.

Thirdly, crisp crunching leaves. When I walk on a path with a hot chocolate in hand and a scarf around my neck and a crisp breeze blowing my hair and leaves crunching under the heel of my boot, I'm in heaven. Try and tell me that this is not the best feeling ever.

Fourthly, Halloween. Although my favorite holiday, the fourth of July, is in the summer, I absolutely adore Halloween. Getting to dress up and play a character is awesome (that's the actress in me talking) and can we appreciate how much candy we get to eat! Fun sized everything!

Those are my top reasons for loving autumn. The colors and outfits on my Pinterest feed is giving me such joy right now and I can't wait to continue to live out this season to the fullest.

What's your favorite season?


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