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October 20, 2015

Amazon Prime Is The Only Subscription You Need

I've been a fan of Amazon for quite some time. It is simply astounding to me the way Amazon has come to dominate the online shopping market, make a name for itself in streaming video, utilize operations management practices to its great advantage, and provide cloud solutions to countless businesses. And it started out as a bookseller which is after my own heart.

What we're going to discuss today is Amazon Prime; the subscription which eliminates the need for any other service you may be paying for!
There's no need to subscribe to Spotify, Netflix, etc when Amazon Prime exists. Click to read now, or pin to save for later!
Let's take a look at what a Prime membership gives you: Free 2-day shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Photos, and Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

This is absolutely fantastic! It is incredibly convenient to, say, order your textbooks right before school is about to begin and have them arrive right when you need them. Waiting for shipping is such a thing of the past and if you do a fair amount of online shopping for the great variety which Amazon offers than you will surely benefit from this.

I know many people are obsessed with Netflix; after all it has become entrenched in our culture. "Netflix and chill" anyone? I agree that Netflix is awesome, however, for me Prime Video eliminates the need. As I've mentioned before, I don't really watch television and when I do, it's Downton Abbey. Prime Video has a ton of options of movies and television shows, plus originals! Bye, bye Netflix.

Ok, this is feature my favorite. You have access to superb music, ad free, and can even listen offline and to curated playlists. Skipping, replaying, and saving are all options. They even have a selection of music which isn't too mainstream, like BOY, which makes it a win in my book. So long Spotify, hello Prime!

Unlimited storage for your photos. Enough said

I must admit I haven't taken advantage of this offering just yet because I've been reading books from my college library, but you can borrow a book a month on any Kindle device and there is no due date. Seems like a great reading supplement to me.

I truly believe that for $99 a year, Amazon Prime is worth it. Paying for Netflix is $108 per year (if you have the middle of the road plan) and Spotify is $120 per year, so it is clear to see that using Prime as your replacement is the obvious choice, not even taking into account free shipping, photo storage, and lending library.

Do you use Prime? Does this make you want to switch?


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