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August 27, 2015

Seriously, You Don't Need To Instagram It

As I am writing this, I am sitting at a small table next to a window with soft morning sunlight streaming in. My view is of lovely trees and patio furniture and I am listing to the soothing sounds of breakfast being made and small groups of people enjoying their coffee. When I ordered my breakfast I found out I could get a free pastry (!) and am savoring the delectable pecan sticky bun right now. This is quite literally the most opportune Instagram moment, yet I am choosing not to pull out my phone.
Seriously, You Don't Need To Instagram It
I love Instagram just as much as the next girl. I get excited when I see people liked my photo or commented and it brings me happiness to see the perfect images others capture. However, when I witness people living their lives and stopping to rearrange the table for the perfect shot or trying to make their children stand in just the right way and laugh at just the right time, I can't help but wonder if we really need to Instagram it all.

We are a culture obsessed with self documentation. We have an endless stream of photos capturing various events, day to day happenings, and the like. We keep each other informed up to the minute of what we are doing and who we are with, all for some validation that our lives are worthy and important (we shouldn't need the regard of others to feel this, but that's a post for another day). Some might consider it vanity and, frankly, I tend to agree. There is something inherently self centered about the frequency with which we photograph our lives.

Now, I definitely love taking pictures and creating photo books and recording my life, however the difference lies in that I do my best not to allow this documentation to take away from my enjoyment of events and the attention I give to those I am with. This is something which was put into perspective for me by my father. I remember on family vacations my mother would like to stop us and get a picture of us when there was beautiful scenery or we were at a noteworthy site. My father would always say, "No one had a picture of themselves before the early 1800s, and they all got through life just fine."

How true! Not only did no one have pictures of themselves, but when photography did start to become popular you had to go and sit for a portrait; there were no handheld cameras that you could use to document everything. To me, this proves that it is quite unnecessary to interrupt our lives to document it, just so we can share or perhaps look back on it later.

I challenge you, the next time a perfect Instagram moment comes your way, to resist whipping out your phone to capture it and instead making note of it in your mind. A few days later, let's see if you think to yourself "I should have Instagrammed that" or if you can simply enjoy the memory of the moment in your mind.

What do you think of how often we Instagram? Are you a fan? Do you find it adds to your life or takes away from your enjoyment?


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  1. Instagram is my favorite social media platform by far- I love seeing images and pushing myself to find creative ways to capture what is happening. But I completely agree- there are only so many shots of outfits or perfect lattes before I feel a little overwhelmed by the "self-ness" of it all. I do think there is a balance between self promotion and genuinely connecting with people- but it is so healthy to disconnect and savor moments too.