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July 9, 2015

Essential Purses

I've always loved purses. Like, really, really loved purses. There is such variety with the bag you can choose to carry and I adore being able to switch up my look with one. As I've gotten older I have looked more for quality as opposed to quantity in all facets of my life so, accordingly, my shopping habits have changed. I am now no longer afraid to spend more to purchase a purse I am crazy about and know will get a ton of use.

Essential Purses | alyssajfreitas.comToday I'm going to share with you my essential purses, so let's begin!

1. A great bag I carry is from Coach and no longer sold. I actually got mine from Ebay years ago and I remember being just so darn excited about it. The excitement never fades, let me tell you. This little backpack is perfect for vacationing and also fits my kindle #win. Here is one available on Ebay but it isn't in nearly as good condition as mine, plus it's more than I paid. You'll have to do a bit more research if you're really interested. 

2. Another bag I'll gush over is a true classic: the Land's End canvas tote. I purchased this two summers ago to carry around all of my things when I babysat (think: water, snacks, card games, know, really glamorous stuff) and have used it for a variety of occasions since. I like having the zipped top so when I toss it into the car I know nothing will fall out. I didn't get it monogramed, because I'm not into that, but I think it does look nice if you go that route.

4. My most recent purchase was this beautiful brown leather cross body from Fossil. I got it to replace a strikingly similar one which I was using that belonged to my great grandmother. As you might imagine, that bag had seen better days. What I love about this purse is the adjustable strap, two main body pockets and color. It can be used in any season and look great, plus I can put my kindle in it. And yes, being able to fit my kindle was a purchase criteria.

3. Another favorite is this black Calvin Klein purse which is just right to carry the essentials. What I like about carrying small bags is that it forces you to cut down on what you tote around. When carrying this purse, all I bring is my small wallet, business card holder, lipstick, hand sanitizer, sunglasses and keys. What more does a girl need?

There does certainly come a time, however, when you need to bring a bit more. For that I turn to my black leather Coach satchel. It's not being sold anymore, but here's a similar one. (Note: mine has this AWESOME pink lining. Sorry, but I'm just too cool. Ummmmmm this is the only picture I can find of the bag).

So that's it! Those are the purses I can't live without. It's a pretty neutral and simple list, but they all coordinate well with my wardrobe and are quality pieces.

What are your favorite purses? Do we have any of the same?


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