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June 11, 2015

Organizing Your Pinterest Account

Ahh Pinterest. How I adore thee! I have been on Pinterest since the very beginning (back when you had to submit your email and wait for an invitation to join. I think I should get an award or something) and love having a good pinning session every week. There is so much content on Pinterest and it can be overwhelming to look through it all. Today I'm going to share how I determine who and what boards to follow, how I choose what to pin, and how I organize my own boards. Let the pinning begin!
Organizing Your Pinterest Account
Who and what boards to follow.
I love discovering new pinners and boards. When I first joined Pinterest I would follow all of the boards of whoever I happened to like (even if only one board interested me). This is an awful method! Why would you follow something you're not interested in and have recipes showing up on your homefeed (I'm really not into cooking. At all.). To prevent your feed from being clogged up by pins you're not interested in, only follow specific boards of the pinners you decide to follow. For example, when you visit my profile you may want to follow my Wear and Inspiration board but may not want to have pictures of Indian men popping up in your feed (because my Men board is basically a dedicated Shahrukh Khan space). Moral of the story? Be selective!

When it comes to finding more pinners and boards to follow there are a couple of methods you can use. I like to check out the profiles of bloggers I like (so you should totally check out mine now...) and if I really want to go down a black hole I will start to check out the people they follow. You'll notice that most of the "best" pinners follow far less people than follow them; it comes back to the idea of selectivity. Another way to find new boards is to utilize the search to not only look for pins but to narrow your search by boards.

Follow Alyssa J Freitas's board Inspire on Pinterest.

How to choose what to pin.
The running theme is be selective. When I am about to pin something I ask myself "How valuable is this?" Does it lead to a great resource? Compile awesome information? Make me laugh? Inspire me? In the beginning I would go on pin binges and would put much more on my boards than I really needed to. Now, I pin much more infrequently (unless it's to my secret boards...shhh) and find that it keeps my boards from getting cluttered with unnecessary pins.

Follow Alyssa J Freitas's board Wear on Pinterest.

How to organize your boards.
The boards that you choose to create really varies depending on your interests. I am a fan of fewer boards because when someone comes to your profile they can be overwhelmed if there are too many. I have 8 personal boards and 3 shared boards. I pin most frequently to my Wear and Inspiration boards, but also have a Words, Home, Pattern, From The Blog, Men, and Laugh board. I recommend evaluating all of your current pins and seeing if you have boards that can be combined. If you often find yourself wondering which board to pin something to, you probably haven't done as good of a job as you can of creating clear and broad categories. Challenge yourself to reduce your number of boards each day until you have a manageable amount.

Follow Alyssa J Freitas's board Home on Pinterest.

So that's how I manage Pinterest! It is by far my favorite social media platform and I may or may not be addicted. As a side note, I use the "like" function on Pinterest to save things that I want to check out later. Periodically I go through all of my likes and either pin what I found valuable or unlike it.

How do you keep your Pinterest in order? What are your favorite boards? How do you find more pinners to follow?


P.S. I'm considering writing a post about how to utilize Pinterest for your blog. Let me know in the comments or shoot a tweet my way if this is something you'd be interested in.

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