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June 9, 2015

Live Smart Series And Digital Influencers Conference

I'm wicked excited. Why am I wicked excited you ask? Because today I am sharing with you a fantastic, impactful, valuable, fun, engaging, mind blowing event that is happening next month in good old Manhattan. Let's talk about the Live Smart Series.

Live Smart Series And Digital Influencers Conference |

For those of you who don't know, The Smart Girls Group is an awesome hub of activity including a digital magazine, blog, online classes, and community dedicated to helping young women discover and harness their smarts. They believe that a smart girl is "her own kind of smart, passionate, focused on her goals, knows ambition is not a dirty word, and supports her fellow sisters in all they strive for." I don't know about you, but that is exactly the kind of person I want to be.

So what is this event that I am so excited to share? It's the Live Smart Series and Digital Influencers Conference. On July 10th, 11th, and 12th The Smart Girls Group is hosting their second annual conference in NYC including panels, small group discussions, activities and more about how to live a smart life and be a digital trail blazer all lead by successful, talented women from various industries. I'm telling you right now, the list of speakers is absolutely inspiring. I mean, just check out some of this talent:

Anne Fulenwider, Editor­-in-­Chief of Marie Claire
Stephanie Ruhle, Editor at Large & Anchor of Market Makers for Bloomberg TV
Emily James, Season 11 Finalist of So You Think You Can Dance
Maribeth Bisienere, Senior Vice President at Disney
Louise Scott, Chief Scientific Officer of Avon
Erin Clift, Executive Vice President of Spotify
Madison Maxey, Thiel Fellow & Creative Technologist at CURATED
Neha Gandhi, Executive Vice President of Editorial Strategy at Refinery29
Rebecca Garcia, Co­founder of CoderDojo & Developer Evangelist at Squarespace
Carly Heitlinger, Author/Blogger, The College Prepster
Nikki Kaufman, Founder & CEO of Normal Ears
Krista Robertson, Head of Social Media for Major League Baseball
Tasha Blank, DJ & Founder of The Get Down
Taylor Trudon, Editor of Huffington Post Teen
Julie Fredrickson, Co­founder & CEO of Stowaway Cosmetics
Hannah Orenstein, Editor & Contributor, Cosmopolitan
Emily Cook Harris, Creator of NYC Fit Week & Founder of EMpowered
Lizzy Okpo, Co­founder & Fashion Designer at William Okpo
Katie Turrel, Director of Talent Acquisition at Condé Nast
Elaine Pouliot, Founder of the Fit Out Movement
Maggie DiPasquale, Life Coach & Professional Big Sister
Lizzy Okpo, Fashion Designer & Forbes 30 Under 30 Fashion
Aimee Raup,Wellness Expert
Sierra Barter, Founder of The Lady Project
Eden Full, Inventor of the SunSaluter
Neeta Bhushan, President of Independent Awakening
Sascha Proudlove, Leadership Coach & Co­founder of The Imprint Group
Lawrese Brown, Founder of Brown Consulting & Goal Setting Coach
Renata M. Black, Founder & CEO of Empowered By You
Kaylin Marcotte, Community Development Director of theSkimm

Live Smart Series And Digital Influencers Conference |

First of all, The College Prepster is going to be there (internal swoon), plus the Senior Vice President of Disney. Disney! Ummm also major players from theSkimm, Spotify, Avon, Marie Claire, Refinery29, Squarespace, Major League Baseball, Cosmopolitan, and more... so totally #nbd. On top of that there are going to be free workout classes from Charity Miles, EMpowered, and Soul Cycle, a totally awesome swag bag, and activities throughout Manhattan including in Central Park. It is going to be absolutely action packed!

On the 10th and 11th is the Live Smart Conference and the 12th is the Digital Influencers Conference (which is geared towards bloggers, vloggers, and those who want to use their digital voice to create impact). For more information and to get tickets click here. Seriously. Check it out.


Thank you to The Smart Girls Group for partnering on this post.

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