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May 26, 2015

The Busy Phenomenon & How To Overcome It

I am so pleased to share with you that my first article is up on Her View From Home! Her View From Home is "a lifestyle magazine that connects your view to the rest of the world" and is written by women across the country. Here is a sneak peak of my article; to read the rest click here.
The Busy Phenomenon & How To Overcome It
Recently I've seen more and more articles coming up about the focus in our culture on being busy. It seems that we measure our worth based on how in demand our time is. The more notifications I get on my phone, the more times an alert goes off from my calendar that I have somewhere to be, and the longer my to do list, the more simultaneously overwhelmed and valued I feel.

Now although it is not a bad thing to do a lot and schedule the vast majority of your time, it becomes a problem when you take pride in being busy and sacrifice your sanity and relaxation time. Far too often I find myself breathlessly running from one obligation to the next with little time for myself. I have been working on saying no more often and taking the time to re-center myself, but it comes down to more than that. There needs to be a fundamental change in how we culturally determine our self worth.

Read the entire article here!


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