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May 1, 2015

Quality > Quantity

Looking at the title, we've all heard this before: the old quality over quantity rule. This idea can be applied to every area of life, but is strongly applicable with writing. I absolutely love to write. It gives me such pleasure to sit down and compose something; whether it's a blog post, a journal entry, a Her Campus article, or even a paper for school. What I've begun to notice is that my blog posts are not as thoughtful as I would like, nor are they as detailed as they should be.

While I love getting to touch on many topics, I believe that it would be more beneficial if I really focused on writing in-depth, well researched posts. Instead of rushing to schedule three posts a week and holding myself to that standard, I would rather change the frequency of publishing and turn out work that I am truly proud of.

This idea is actually not my own, but was proposed to me by one of the great guys I met from North Carolina when I was in Georgia (read all about what I learned from my time in the south here). After looking at my blog he asked me if I had ever considered posting less frequently and instead giving my readers detailed and expanded information which could prove to be more valuable. The answer was no, but it should have been yes!

Now never fear, I won't be changing out my concise writing style and being more wordy just for the sake of it. Instead you can expect writing of higher quality, more carefully edited and composed with the aim of giving you the most easy to digest and thorough information possible. It feels especially great to kick off the first of this month with a new plan in place. I'll post two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, but will also share an article or interesting resource from the web every weekday on Twitter, so be sure to follow me for a constant stream of fun stuff!

Have you ever changed up a routine? What do you think of my new posting schedule?


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