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May 20, 2015

Preparing For The Future

Get ready for another linkup with the lovely ladies from The Well! Be sure to check out my other posts from the linkup here. The question of the month is What are you doing (now) to prepare yourself for a better future? What do you think you should start doing to create a better future for yourself? Whoa, what interesting questions, right?!
Preparing For The Future |
In order to answer these questions, I need to have goals for my future; something I'm working towards which requires me to take steps now to prepare for it. As I finish up half of my college career (agh!) I am looking to the future with thoughts of employment. For a long time I was convinced I wanted to be an attorney. Now don't get me wrong, I still would love to go to law school, however through my experiences with sales courses and competitions I have realized that my talents can be used for a variety of careers. When it comes to preparing for the future, I am looking to continually improve my transferable skills and will do that by taking on more challenges and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. That will mean seeking more responsibility in my work life and with my organizations.

As great as it is to look to the future and making it "better," I also believe that there is something to be said for embracing the here and now. I am one who is always looking to better herself and who thinks of her resume whenever she does anything (more here on why that isn't necessarily a good thing), however the present is something to be enjoyed. Granted there is always room for improvement, but we need not be obsessed with the future resulting in us missing out on what is wonderful about right now! Living in the future or with dissatisfaction in the present is detrimental and a shame. I am guilty of this on occasion, but have been making a conscious effort to find happiness in where I am today.

Identifying areas you want to work on is wicked important and essential to be successful, which is why I do truly like this question. As always, it is about striking the right balance between forward thinking and present enjoyment. Here is an image I created with a quote from Donald Altman which perfectly sums up what I'm trying to say. New phone background anyone?

Preparing For The Future |

What are you doing to prepare for your future? Do you agree that it's all about balance?


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