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March 4, 2015

iPhone Organization

Last year I posted about what apps I have on my iPhone and how I organize it. For some reason, I love to read posts like this!

Without further ado, here's what's on my phone.

I only have two pages on my phone, with the first page containing the "essentials."
  • My calendar app is my life. Without it I would have no idea where I was supposed to be ever! Check out my post on how to get your calendar in order like a minimalist.
  • Wunderlist, along with my calendar keeps me on track. I love lists and checking things off!
  • Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are opened daily (sometimes much too often...).
  • VSCO is what I use to edit my Instagram photos and it's the absolute best!
  • GroupMe is great for keeping in contact with other CAs, friends in my fraternity, and with members of group projects. 
  • I am a die hard Amazon fan so it only makes sense to use their music app. Check out this post about why Amazon Prime is the only subscription you need.

On page two are the other important apps, but not quite as vital as page one.
  • I throw all of the apps that come on the phone but I don't use into my extras folder. 
  • I have my rewards apps (CVS, Target, and AMC) in the next folder.
  • Random lifestyle apps, including Bloglovin, are in their own folder, as well as the Facebook and Messenger apps.
  • My business folder has LinkedIn and a great app called ScanBizCard where I scan all of the business cards I get (surprise, surprise haha)
  • For music I have Spotify and Saavn radio (which is all Bollywood music!).
  • My travel folder includes Uber and Lyft, as well as Hopper to watch the price of flights.
  • I have the WellsFargo app for banking, Goodreads to track my books, my school's app, Google Drive for backups (this is a must read post for photo organization using this app), and Podcasts (I've recently been obsessed with The Minimalists podcast).
Really, keeping it simple and organizing in a way that makes sense to you will help to make using your phone fast and easy. If you need to clear out space on your phone check out this post. If you are searching for backgrounds swing by here.

How do you organize your phone? What's your most used app?



  1. It's fun to see what other people have on their phones, great post!


  2. i love posts like this as well, my most used apps are definitely twitter & instagram!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

    1. Twitter and Instagram are really frequently used apps for me too!