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January 26, 2015

Current Inspiration

I am certainly not unique in my love of Pinterest so I thought I would share some of my current inspiration from this wonderful site! Here are my favorites from each of my boards.

Wear: I've been pinning very neutral outfits lately and this sweater just looks so cozy.

Inspire: I'm not one for spending extensive time in nature, but I sure love pretty pictures of it. 

Words: I love all of these suggestions and intend to embrace them!

Home: Just like the outfits, I've been drawn to rooms with a predominance of grey, white, and navy. Even though it's a long way away I've been dreaming of how I'll decorate my first place that doesn't have the cinder block walls of a dorm room haha

Pattern: I just made this my phone background and love how it looks great but isn't a distraction from my apps.

Men: It's Shahrukh Khan. Enough said.

What has been inspiring you?



  1. This is a great post! It's always nice to start the week with what inspires you :) Hope you have a good week!