Thanksgiving Weekend | Alyssa J Cori: Thanksgiving Weekend

December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

What fun it was to be home! I took a much needed break from college to spend some time with my family this Thanksgiving. My grandparents and uncle and cousin arrived at my house on Tuesday and the fun began. With the beautiful snowy weather we decided to explore the woods behind our house and it was magical.

My brother caught me trying to catch snowflakes, and I was quite successful I might add!

This is my cousin from Virginia who isn't really used to snow so it was fun to watch him react.

We also saw tons of deer (at least 10). They're probably enjoying their last few days off before they have to go to the North Pole for the big journey on Christmas Eve ;)

The day after Thanksgiving we always decorate the house for Christmas. My best friend Katie came over to help me set up my tree (we have three full sized trees, one of which is in my room. We REALLY like decorating) and it was a blast to catch up with her as we worked.

What did you do this weekend?



  1. I absolutely love winter walks and also so jealous you saw some deer, I don't see them very much here! I need to get cracking with my Christmas decorations!

    Laura |

    1. Seeing deer is such a common occurrence I sometimes forget to appreciate it! December is officially here so now is the perfect time to start your decorating :)

  2. Wow fantastiche foto, il Natale si avvicina anche io devo preparare l'albero di Natale :-*
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