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November 10, 2014

This Weekend

This Saturday had some very unexpected (both good and bad) events that I want to share. I had a relaxing morning and breakfast before I set out to watch the last regatta of the season. When I got into my car and turned the key nothing happened. Now, you may remember that I previously had some car trouble but this is a different car which has never given anyone any trouble ever before. After trying multiple times to turn it on to no avail I called my parents who suggested that perhaps the battery was dead. I called campus police to see if they would give me a jump and they told me to come to the station and they would give me a portable jumpy thingy that didn't need another car.

After trekking across campus I came back to the car and sent out an SOS message because I had no idea what I was doing. Luckily two of my CA (other schools call us RAs) friends came to my rescue and we got the car started. Also, some part of the hood was broken and we used duck tape to fix it, but I'm not going to get into all of that.

Finally I made it to the regatta and I was there for a grand total of five minutes when my former coach came up to me and asked if I wanted to cox. Before I knew it I was pulling off my cute outfit and putting on the clothes of the guys in my boat so I could jump right in and race! I was worried that I would not remember what I was doing but I needn't have worried; it was a fantastic race and our boat did so very well. It was great to be with the guys again and have a thrilling race.
photo credit: Kevin O'Brien
I put back on my outfit so my friend Casey could take some pictures for the blog :)

What happened to you this weekend? Any fun stories?


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