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November 5, 2014

DIY: Indian Inspired Votive

'Oh man! I've completely used up my Yankee Candle! Now what can I do with this empty jar...' Time for a DIY.

I absolutely love candles but we are not allowed to burn them at school (it's a fire hazard, don't ya know). To still get the ambiance I decided to create my own votive; inspired by India of course.

Sorry this is such a bad quality picture, it was the best I could do.
I promise it looks much better in person
To do this you will need an empty glass jar, a metallic marker, and an oven.
  1. Clean the jar. If you are trying to get the remaining wax out of a candle like I was I recommend putting hot water in it and using a butter knife to break it up.
  2. Collect your inspiration. I used henna designs as reference for what I wanted my votive to look like.
  3. Draw away! Use your metallic marker to create your design. Be careful not to smudge it as you work.
  4. Bake it. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees and put the jar in for 30 minutes. This will set the drawing and ensure that it will last.
  5. Enjoy. Since I am not allowed to burn an actual candle I purchased an electric tea light. I fully intend on using real tea lights when I get home.

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