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October 21, 2014

Weekend Recap

Fall weekends are kind of the best. Not only is the weather beautiful but there are so many fun things going on!

This past Friday night there was a Garba celebration at TCNJ. Garba is a type of dance from Gujarat and it is done in a circle with an idol at the center. The god Durga was being venerated at this dance and it was a very beautiful and energetic ceremony (click here for a video of the dancing).

Luckily Ashna was able to loan me a lengha which made me so happy! Matt and I had a good time observing (because the dancing was a bit too complicated for us to actually participate) and mingling with other party-goers. I actually really enjoyed the food that was served and we both cleaned our plates.

On Saturday I went pumpkin picking with PSE. We went to Terhune Orchards (where I went with Ally and the Catholic Campus Ministry) for everything fall.

First we walked quite casually to the corn maze.

There were four markers that we had to find so of course I made it my mission to get to every one. Let the record show that I did so with very little confusion!

Next we took a ride on the tractor...

and then we picked our pumpkins. My mentor Coleen found a good one!

It really was a great weekend! What were you up to?

-Alyssa J Freitas

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