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October 13, 2014

DIY: Gold and Navy Mason Jars

More DIY for your dorm (or really wherever)! I had some mason jars and thought I would use them to incorporate the navy and gold I wanted everywhere into my room.

You'll need mason jars, paint, spray paint, and painter's tape.
  1. First paint your mason jar two coats the color of your choice. I went with navy blue.
  2. Once it dries, use painter's tape to create the design you want. I made stripes of different widths on mine.
  3. Next use spray paint (I used a metallic spray from Krylon) to get the design onto your jars. 
  4. After it dries, remove the painter's tape and enjoy!
Want to hear something really sad? One of the jars I painted broke :( I was readjusting some books on my shelf and then it just went down. Luckily my residents heard the crash and came running to the door with a dustpan and broom. They're just the best!

Will you give this project a try?

-Alyssa J Freitas

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