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October 20, 2014

College: Expectations v Reality

I love reading expectation v reality posts. Usually you'll find these on Buzzfeed with great gifs that are always on point. Since this is my first time doing a post of this nature, and since I won't be using gifs (because I am absolutely no good with them), I hope that you will still find it enjoyable.
Click to read now or pin to save for later! We all have ideas in our heads of how something will be. This is what college is actually like

Expectation: Everyone will tote fashionable bags that will miraculously be able to contain all of the books they need (think Hermione's beaded bag which can hold EVERYTHING).
Reality: No. Just no. There are those girls who will try to manage without a backpack but really they are suffering so much (trust me because I was one of those girls for about a week. Then I realized that carrying all of your textbooks + laptop is impossible without a backpack).

Expectation: I did well in high school so college won't be a big deal. I'll just apply my exact same time management and studying techniques and I'll be fine.
Reality: Oh dear, don't make me laugh. College is a completely different beast! The class schedules are so nothing like high school (what is with classes that end after 9 PM?!?) and the work load is so much heavier. You will have to make some serious modifications.

Expectation: I will be best friends with my roommate. Best. Friends.
Reality: Yeah maybe, but probably not. I was lucky enough to have an amazing roommate my freshman year who I still see every week (we have a meal together weekly, yes we know we're the cutest) but we certainly weren't best friends while living together.

Expectation: There are so many guys here, I will definitely be able to get a boyfriend; no problem.
Reality: Not all of the guys are exactly what I would call eligible bachelors. From being incredibly immature to being more hook-up than relationship minded, you'll have your work cut out for you. Not to mention that on most campuses there are more women than men, so there's that statistic working against you.

Now, despite all of these unrealized expectations, the reality of college is actually quite fabulous. There are wonderful people, stimulating classes, an abundance of ways to get involved, and best of all, you are finally in charge of you.


What did you think of my first expectations v reality post? Are you interested in seeing more?

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