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September 22, 2014

Saavn Radio

Sooo, in case you didn't know I have a thing for Bollywood. When I did a comparison of Pandora v Spotify one of my complaints about both was the lack of Bollywood music. Well, I have now found a great solution to this problem: Saavan Radio.

Saavan Radio allows you to listen to nearly any Bollywood song as well as a huge selection of Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Gujarati songs and so many more! With a free account (for both your phone and on the web) you can create playlists to listen to whenever you want as well as listen to curated playlists based on a number of categories. I really like listening to the song of the day and getting a surprise playlist from Saavan editors.

When I did this post about what is on my iPhone I mentioned using ErosNow to listen to Bollywood music but I am completely converted to Saavan! If you enjoy Bollywood tunes or just want to try something new go to Saavan right now!


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