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August 1, 2014

Listen Up: Beach Avenue

I walked into the room while my mother was watching America's Got Talent and was surprised to actually see a performance with, well, talent. Usually I only watch when they get down to the final two or three because otherwise it just feels like watching a train wreak; especially in the first few episodes!

Beach Avenue is a band that took a risk when they performed an original song on the show rather than a cover, but it definitely paid off!

I am not in any way a music aficionado (I basically only listen to Bollywood tunes) but I really like this group. Check them out here

-Keep It Simple
Alyssa J Freitas


  1. haha -LOVE the fact you like bollywood music!! ive watch dil vale dulhaniya!! (sure i spelt that wrong- but KAJOL is gorgeous!!


    1. Kajol is beyond beautiful! I especially loved her in My Name Is Khan.