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August 27, 2014

DIY: Kraft Paper & Gold Glitter Notebooks

Last year I found myself without a physical planner because I wanted to save money and try and keep all of my to-dos and homework assignments digital. That plan however did not work out as well as I had hoped. Since I was stranded at school I decided that rather then pay the sky high prices for a planner in the bookstore I would create my own. I kept my calendar and to-do list on my phone so it would always be with me and made a small notebook for assignments. Here's how I did it!

The notebook on the left is the one I created completely from scratch and use for school work. To make this you'll need printer paper or lined paper, gold glitter tape, and thick kraft paper for the cover.
  1. First decide how large you'd like to make the notebook. Mine is 8in by 5.5in.
  2. Next cut your front and back cover paper to these dimensions.
  3. Then cut your blank or lined paper slightly smaller (I used blank printer paper). Depending on how good of a stapler you'll be using you can determine how many sheets of paper the notebook will contain.
  4. Staple the inside paper between the front and back cover in two places, making sure that the inside paper does not show beyond the covers. I put one staple about an inch from the top and another an inch from the bottom.
  5. Finally use the gold glitter tape along the edge of the notebook on both the front and the back to cover the staples.
You can use any colors and paper that you'd like, just be sure that you choose a thick paper for the cover so it will be durable and not likely to rip.

The notebook on the right was not created from scratch, but rather an update on one I already had. For this you need a notebook, a roll of kraft paper, and gold glitter tape (I used American Crafts glitter tape in brown sugar .375").

  1. First measure the cover and then cut your thin kraft paper with an extra half inch allowance on three of the sides for the front and back cover.
  2. Next wrap each cover with the paper, taping it on the inside to secure it.
  3. Decide on a design with the glitter tape. I wanted horizontal stripes so I cut four strips the proper width of the cover with a little extra to wrap around the edge. 
  4. Put on the glitter tape and then enjoy!
I only decorated the front cover but you can do the back as well and get creative with the design! Will you give this easy craft a try?

-Alyssa J Freitas 

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