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July 23, 2014

Why I Write (Blog Hop)

So this is my first time participating in a 'blog hop/blog tour' which is basically when a blogger comes up with a  topic or series of questions and then nominates other bloggers to write about it. Sort of like a huge chain of people all sharing their perspectives about the same thing! Sophia from Plaid Is My Favourite Color asked me to participate a while back so I'm finally getting around to it!

image source; modified by Alyssa J Freitas

What am I working on?
Essentially, my goal is to write engaging content and make every word matter. Getting down each piece to the bare minimum and keeping it simple is what I am after.

How does my writing vary from others in my genre?
Honestly (no, please lie to us Alyssa), I am not positive what genre Keep It Simple is. Clearly it's not fashion, my miniature closet could not compete even though I include what I'm wearing in some posts, and although I write lifestyle posts it's not usually to give much detail about my life. It's hard to compare the writing style of my musings to others but if forced to I hope that my style has a sincere and somewhat refined tone.

Why do I write what I do?
I write about etiquette, organizing, history, etc because these are topics that never cease to interest me. It's what I love to read about, consequently it's what I write.

How does my writing process work?
When I have an idea for a post I create a new draft with a tentative title and put whatever ideas I may have in the body. When I have time to sit down and work on a post I write an intro and then go in search of a corresponding picture which helps to inspire the rest. From there I write the post and do the formatting as I go along because it helps to segment the work in a way that I find helpful when writing and hope is beneficial to readers.  

Now I open the floor to you. Answer these questions and leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!

-Keep It Simple
Alyssa J Freitas

P.S. If anyone knows where this tour originated please share in the comments! I'd love to know.

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