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July 30, 2014

Overcoming Fear

We all have sources of fear in our lives. Whether it is great or small, fear can make us feel helpless and paralyzed. So what can we do to surmount it? I'm going to share some examples of how simple fears have been overcome with experience (from both my life and a friend's).
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Fear of driving. Now this may seem absurd but I was so afraid to learn how to drive. I felt like I would be a danger to everyone on the roads and would be sure to crash within seconds of putting my foot on the pedal. I also had a fear of taking driving lessons (a requirement to get a permit in NJ) with a complete stranger; being in a car for hours on end with someone I didn't know did not sound appealing. After my parents told me that I absolutely had to get my permit and start driving lessons or else, I finally did. And you know what, it wasn't too bad. My instructor was amazing and made me feel so at ease. Also, it's been three years and I've yet to get into an accident. 

Along with a fear of learning how to drive I was petrified to go on the highway! Especially because highways in NJ (the most densely populated state in the country) is basically like entering the wild west. Horns blare, people change lanes like no tomorrow, speeds are high, blinkers are not used, it's a new driver's worst nightmare! However, after forcing myself to just go I have become completely comfortable. Getting experience freed me from my fear.

Fear of the stove. This is a friend's story (and not like I'm making up 'a friend' because it's really about me. I love the stove). After an ill attempt at using the stove in which flames allegedly came closer to her face than anyone would be comfortable with, my friend swore she wouldn't go near it again. After a time, she decided that the benefits of the stove (i.e. the delicious food it would provide) would outweigh her fear. She practiced lighting the stove and eventually overcame her apprehension.

Fear of talking to strangers on the phone. I have no problem speaking with strangers in person but for some reason I was never comfortable talking on the phone. If I had to call a business with inquires of their service or make reservations I would attempt to persuade my mother to do it for me. When I got my first job (as an attendant at tennis courts) I had to call customers all the time! Sometimes it was to confirm a lesson or to try and sell one of the company's offerings. In the beginning this caused me to literally sweat and gave me the bad kind of butterflies in my stomach. Once I conducted these calls to strangers enough times I had no problem doing it anymore! I no longer hesitate to pick up the phone to order food or get a question answered. My experience enabled me to surmount this fear and I am certainly the better for it.

So what is the lesson learned? Experience can help to cure you of a variety of fears. 

When has just doing something aided you in conquering a fear?



  1. Great post! We have to conquer our fears to succeed at anything in life. What helps me conquer my fears is trusting in the Lord Jesus.

  2. I have a couple of those same fears! I'm terrified of driving (I already have my license and everything though), and I don't like calling people on the phone (I just feel like an awkward weirdo). Sometimes you overcome fears because well, you have no choice. You either learn to drive, or you don't make money at a job. You call the doctors to make an appointment, or you ailment just goes untreated. I think the biggest thing is taking that first step. Once you can get the bravery to take that first step to conquer a fear, everything else falls into place. I'm so glad I'm not the only scare-dy cat out there! Thanks for sharing!


    1. You're so right that sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and get over it. At least you can take comfort in knowing that the more often you just do it, the less scary it will be!