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June 4, 2014

Two Countries, Three Weeks, One Carry-on

"I'm just going to bring one carry-on" I told my mother when she asked me why I hadn't started packing yet for our three week trip to Paris and across Turkey. "Oh really?" she replied with a knowing smile, looking at her sixteen year old daughter like she was a bit off her rocker. Yet, I was determined to travel light!
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So how did I do it and prove to my mother that it could indeed be done? To be honest, I'm still in awe that I did especially since I do so love having many clothing options. It definitely helped that the trip was during the summer (so no need for bulky sweaters or coats) and that I had access to a laundry facility half way through the trip. 

Without further ado, here are my top tips to traveling light!
  1. Do not be afraid to repeat pieces. This is a BIG one. I did not want to repeat tops, but had no qualms about using bottoms more than once. If you stick mainly with neutrals you shouldn't have too much trouble putting a ton of different shirts with them. This saves space and keeps you from being a dreaded outfit repeater. 
  2. Leave no space unused. Fill your shoes with socks. Stuff your hats with shirts. Pack your purses with undergarments. You get the idea. 
  3. Roll. Rolling your clothes well can help with wrinkles and space. Use neat rows of shirts, shorts, undergarments, etc to keep your luggage organized and contained.
  4. When you think you're done, go back and take three things out. I guarantee you will find things that your really don't need.  
One more tip of great significance is to make sure that you pack long pants. This may seem silly to the more experienced travelers out there (or anyone who actually has some life experience) but I neglected to bring any long pants. This proved quite problematic for me in Paris because although it was July is was exceedingly cold! Now I never go on any trip without being prepared for weather from opposite ends of the spectrum.

When getting ready for your next big (or little) trip just be sure to keep it simple.   



  1. Stopping by from Paperclips & Peonies and just wanted to applaud you for your ninja packing skills!

    1. Thank you! I was certainly channeling a ninja to achieve this feat. Love your blog!