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June 20, 2014

8 Easy Ways To Save Money

I am a miser. I never EVER want to spend money. It takes so much work to get money that I can hardly fathom spending it! But how do I still have fun and get the things I want without totally blowing my budget?
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You can take two routes to get your finances in order; either make more money or cut back. Here are some tips for the cutting back option.
  1. Shop less. I know, kind of obvious right? But so true! For me this mostly applies to clothing but you can try this for any type of shopping. Look at what you already have and find new ways to use/wear it. I'm sure there are many outfit combinations sitting in your closet that you have yet to try.
  2. Don't shop for entertainment. When you have a free weekend and think to yourself "I guess I'll go to the mall..." stop that thought immediately! If you shop for entertainment, or go to Target when you don't really need anything, then you will end up spending money that you didn't need to.
  3. Always check for coupons and discounts. The other day I was going shopping with a friend and knew that I was going to go to Old Navy. So, I went online and signed up for their email list and POOF 10% off coupon thank you very much! If you have an idea of what stores you'll be going to, take a few minutes to see if you can get any coupons before hand. And if you're a college student always be sure to ask if you can get a discount with your id. 
  4. Stay home more. The next time a friend asks you to get lunch, invite her to your house for a meal al fresco on your patio. Make some sandwiches and enjoy each others company for much less. If you are invited to the movies, suggest that you have a throw back marathon instead. Get into comfy clothes and pop some corn in the comfort of your own home. 
  5. If you're in college take advantage of free events. There is always some kind of free entertainment at school! Have a group dinner in the dining hall (which you've already paid for with your meal plan) and then head out to have some free fun!
  6. Look for the less expensive option. Buy store brand instead of the national brand. Pick up items in bulk that you know you'll use. Be patient and wait for sales. Make coffee at home instead of buying it. Basically anytime you plan on pulling out your wallet stop and think "How can I do this for less?". 
  7. Get books from the library. This is a HUGE money saver if you're constantly reading like me. Buying books for pleasure, although oh so tempting, is a waste of money. Those titles will likely be at your library soon enough and they will be FREE for your reading pleasure.
  8. Rent textbooks instead of buying them. Or better yet, borrow from an upperclassman friend. You may think that you want to buy your books so you can refer to them later right? No. You will probably never crack that book open after the semester ends. So do yourself a favor and search for a renting option. 
How do you save money?


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