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June 3, 2014

How To Increase Your Productivity

Since leaving school my productivity has absolutely plummeted! Perhaps it's because I don't have an exact routine (or even a real need to get out of bed until 10 am) but that really needs to change. By the time I actually get dressed it's basically time for me to start after school babysitting so forget about feeling accomplished. I recently posted about how to make a stellar to do list, but what about actually being motivated to complete it?
Click to read now or pin to save for later! Use these 4 easy tactics to increase your productivity today
  • Get an early start on the day. As a morning person it is essential for me to get up and moving as soon as possible (this definitely includes getting dressed if you work from home or are studying in your dorm room). As Benjamin Franklin put it "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." If I am able to accomplish at least one thing before breakfast, whether it's checking over an essay or blog post one more time or clearing out my inbox, it starts the day off on a positive note. 
  • Stay on task. Minimizing distractions is essential for doing quality work in less time. I love working with music on, but sometimes I have a stronger urge to get up and do some Bollywood dancing rather than continuing to study. When this happens the Bollywood music must be turned off! Also, use your self discipline by not checking your phone or using social media.
  • Find your perfect mix. I need some kind of noise while I am working. Sometimes that can be upbeat music but other times I turn to my top secret, super duper magical productivity mix. What is it you ask? There is a playlist on Spotify called 'Your Favorite Coffeehouse' that is soothing but still has enough of a tempo to keep me motivated. I put that on along with 'Morning Mummer' from Coffitivity, which gives you a nice blend of coffeehouse sounds. Experiment with the volume levels for each to create your perfect setting! 
  • Make deals with yourself. I do this all of the time! It's usually a performance and reward type deal. When studying, once I get through a particular section or go over a certain number of problems I then allow myself to watch one or two Bollywood music videos. It gives my mind a little break and instantly boosts my mood! Make sure that your reward is quick and it probably shouldn't be food related (especially if you're a freshman who wants to avoid the freshman fifteen!).
My goal is to make a conscious effort to get up and moving everyday. For help and motivation I'm participating in the Weekly Wishes linkup by Melyssa from The Nectar Collective. Check it out and participate for support with your goals :).

How do you stay productive? I'm always looking for new tips! Just remember how good it feels to get all of your work done.



  1. SO glad to see this as a Weekly Wishes post! Summer is like a death spell for my productivity, and now that I'm in college I tend to be a couch potato. I loved your post on making a stellar to do list - definitely checking out Wunderlist ASAP!

  2. I think that's my issue.. Finding the motivation!! Sometimes, just finding the energy! These are some great tips!

    1. Thanks! Now implementing the tips is the problem...

  3. Productivity in the summer is such a hard thing in the summer! It's like a never-ending weekend with warm sunshine. Thanks for sharing tips-- it's great to hear them from another student!

    1. Your welcome! I hope that they help and good luck with your studies :)

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