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June 11, 2014

Pandora v Spotify

For a long time I was a loyal Pandora user for my music needs, recently however I have found myself using Spotify more and more. This serious dilemma can only be solved by an analysis of the features of each service in what I view to be the most important categories: ease of use/intuitive nature, depth of music available, discovery of new music, and quality of both mobile and desktop versions. Note: I use the free version of both services.

Image credit, modified by Alyssa J Freitas
  • Ease of use: Pandora is simple to use since all you must do is start a radio station and then enjoy. Spotify on the other hand allows you to listen to playlists, artists, albums, artist radio stations etc. Although I enjoy having all of these choices, I know that I can turn to Pandora to quickly get music started where I have to search more with Spotify. One point for Pandora. 
  • Depth of music: On this count I am split. I love the fact that I can pull up a specific song on Spotify from a number of genres however there is a disappointing lack of Bollywood music (which is important to me!). Pandora on the other hand does not allow you to listen to a specific song but has quite a few good Bollywood stations. Luckily I have my favorite music in my iTunes library, so one point for Spotify.
  • Discovery of new music: Pandora is the clear winner for this category. The use of the Music Genome Project, which is detailed music analysis performed on each song in order to find others which will go with that radio station, by Pandora puts them over the top. Another point for Pandora.
  • Quality of Mobile and Desktop versions: For this category it is Spotify all the way for me. I love having an app on my computer and being able to save all of my favorite songs to listen to. The mobile version of Pandora is better than Spotify but being able to listen to specific songs on both the desktop and mobile platform is more important to me. Another point for Spotify.
As you can see, it is quite hard to choose between these two services. However, if forced to only use one service I would go with Spotify.

What about you? What platform do you use for music?

-Keep It Simple
Alyssa J Freitas


  1. I haven't tried neither of them but now I will.