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June 1, 2014

Organization: Lists Edition

I love to make lists. To-do lists, future goals lists, shopping lists, books to read lists, anything else you can think of lists. I also love checking things off of my lists; that feeling of accomplishment is such a high! Even though a list may seem pretty simple, I believe that there is an art to their organization.

Before technology I had a specific notepad where I kept a variety of lists. Now however, I am an avid user of the Wunderlist app (which I mention in another organization post about my iPhone). This app is so great because it can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.
Click to read now or pin to save for later! How to organize your to do list and make the most of it
Here are my quick tips for list organization (which can be used for paper or Wunderlist)
  • Create Categories. Basically, you wouldn't store your food in your office so don't have a list with work and grocery shopping mixed. On Wunderlist you have a main list called your inbox and then you can make secondary lists. I have a blog list, shopping list, to view later list (like movies and music; my books list is on Goodreads. Follow me!), and school list. For on paper lists you can do the same or create sub categories on a master list. 
  • Set due dates. For me having a set in stone due date is super important for actually getting things done. Wunderlist allows you to assign a due date and it feels simply awful if you miss it. If you're like me you will do just about anything to meet your time goal! 
  • Check off those boxes! You know it feels so good to make that check mark. I'll even put items that I've already completed on my lists just so I can check them off...#sorrynotsorry.
Having a list is great and all, but you need the self discipline to keep yourself motivated and on task. So go out there and simply get it done!


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