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June 2, 2014

Etiquette: Umbrella Edition

How many times have you walked on the streets of a city in the rain and been beyond frustrated by the lack of respect of fellow pedestrians with their umbrellas? Or have you yourself been a culprit of being in bad umbrella taste? Well, my friends, I say no more! Here are some general guidelines for the etiquette of using an umbrella.

Click to read now or pin to save for later! Yes, believe it or not, there is etiquette for using an umbrella! Make sure you know it before the next spring shower
  • Carry a quality umbrella. Please oh please do not use an umbrella with a hazardous tip ready to poke the eye out of an innocent bystander! Make sure your rain gear is in shape, otherwise I suggest you make due with a newspaper over your head (and try not to give yourself a paper cut ;) ). 
  • When opening your umbrella, look both ways. Yes, just like when you cross the street only this time make sure that you are not going to hit anyone. 
  • If you are the taller party under the umbrella you are expected to hold it. If there is a male and female, the male shall hold it.
  • Be prepared to raise your umbrella when passing someone of equal height. Always be ready to be accommodating to make it easier on everyone.
  • Close your umbrella before entering a building or going under a cover, such as an awning. 
  • Always use an umbrella stand if available. Insisting on carry a wet umbrella through a restaurant or shop is not in good form. 
  • When commuting, be sure not to get water on the seat beside you. 
  • Never carry your umbrella under your arm. You are apt to inadvertently poke someone if you do. Always carry it vertically. 
Hopefully this will help the next time you are caught in a storm!

-Keep It Simple
Alyssa J Freitas

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