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June 6, 2014

Etiquette: Hostess Gifts Edition

Who doesn't love getting gifts? I know I certainly do, and I also love giving gifts. In today's etiquette post we aren't going to talk about getting gifts (awww) but rather about giving hostess gifts (woo hoo!).

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First let's talk about when you should bring a hostess gift. It's never really wrong to bring a gift to show your gratitude for being hosted but there are some instances when it really is necessary and in bad form if you come empty handed.
  • If you are being hosted overnight
  • If you are being treated to a meal at someone's home (and you do not dine together frequently. Please don't feel the need to bring a gift if you have a weekly dinner with your friends!)
  • If a party is being thrown for you at someone else's expense
The magnitude of the gift should reflect the event. If you are staying at someone's summer home you should bring a gift that shows your appreciation for them going out of their way. On the other hand, if you attend a casual dinner party a smaller offering will suffice.

Here are some ideas for gifts
  • Overnight(s) Visit: Beach essentials (towels, beach bag, etc) for the beach home owner because you can really never have too many towels, serving platters (ideally with home backed brownies from your kitchen), candles, frames 
  • Dinner Party: Flowers (in a vase to make it easier for the hostess so there is no need to run around looking for one while simultaneously entertaining guests and cooking a meal. Try to always be thoughtful in this way), chocolates, cocktail napkins (I love going to HomeGoods and picking out fun napkins), soaps 
  • A Party For You (that you're not paying for!): a beautiful thank you note after the fact is essential, flowers (again in a vase), coasters, candles
Many of these ideas are interchangeable. As long as you are thoughtful and keep in mind the taste of the hostess, you should be good to go!

-Keep It Simple
     Alyssa J Freitas    

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