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June 29, 2014

Do We Over-Share?

It seems that every moment of our lives are documented and broadcasted to the world. From Twitter updates to Instagram pictures, we are constantly sharing nearly every detail of our lives. There is little room for mystery in these modern times. We can always get in contact with one another. We always know where our friends are and what they are doing by a quick look at our feeds. We seemingly never have an unexpressed thought. Have we gone too far with sharing?
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I would argue yes, we most certainly have. As I see it, there is absolutely no reason I need to know what you've had for breakfast (I know, a very cliche example right) unless of course it is a rare and exotic food that you are eating in the land of its origin. I also do not need to know how much you don't want to do your homework right now. Nobody ever really, truly wants to do her homework.

Not only does this over-sharing apply to mundane topics, but also to exceedingly personal ones. From breakups to family feuds, I am always surprised at how much information people are willing to expose.  

Quite honestly I am guilty of over-sharing myself. I have posted the what I had for lunch Instagram and probably spoken about personal things others really don't want to hear. Although technology enables and encourages this behavior I've also noticed that it can be a problem in face to face interactions. Being a complete open book with those closest to you is great, but if everyone knows everything about you then maybe what and how much you're sharing needs to be evaluated.

I am going to make a conscious effort to maintain a bit more privacy and to share more purposefully. Finding the right balance of sharing the mundane and worthwhile is what I am after!

How do you filter yourself? Or do you?


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