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June 26, 2014

Your Words Have Power

Do you find yourself regretting words or actions of yours? Has your insensitivity ever been pointed out to you or have your realized it? I know that this has certainly happened to me! It is sometimes difficult to do, but it is exceedingly important to be conscious of your words.
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What can we do to minimize this after the fact realization of the effect our words have? I have found it infinitely valuable to momentarily pause before I express myself in a potentially negative way. A quick analysis of how what you are going to say may be perceived can help to mitigate the possibility that you may come to regret it.

The same principle can be applied to your actions. Having an overall awareness and consciousness of your effect on others is important to becoming the best person that you can be.

People will probably not remember every word you've said but they will remember how they felt while and after interacting with you. In my experience, one of the keys to making all of your conversations positive is to maintain an awareness of the reactions, both obvious and subtle, of the other person. Remember, you always want to leave people happier than when you began speaking with them. If you keep that goal in mind you are sure to have successful interactions and minimal regret. (Note: Mother Theresa said, "Let no one come to you without leaving happier," and Maya Angelou said, "people will never forget how you made them feel." So basically I did a combo of the ideas of these two great women. You're welcome.)



  1. Great post! The Mother Theresa quote is one of my favorites!

    1. Thank you! Her quote really does just sum up the best mentality anyone can have