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May 12, 2014


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So my summer has officially begun! I have successfully completed my freshman year of college and am more than ready to have an epic summer. In the past, I have allowed my family to propel my activities and memories of summer (which has gone very well), but this year I want to be the one to create a truly memorable vacation from the stress of college. I've begun to think about what I want to do with my newfound freedom and thought it would be beneficial to come up with goals. 

When I am not working as a babysitter for some of the cutest children around, I want to:
1. Go skydiving with my best friend from college, Ally
2. Visit my other best friend from college, Kevin, at his house on the shore
3. Read as many FUN books as possible (emphasis on fun because I have the tendency to make my vacations from school much too educational)
4. But with that being said, I want to start preparing for the LSAT by getting and working on a practice book
5. Embrace my new CA staff on our beach outing
6. Blog weekly 
7. Go to an amusement park because to me summer is simply incomplete without that
8. Catch up with high school friends, Katie, Carly, Hannah, Caiti, and Theresa 
9. Complete CA online training so I'll be ready for August training
10. Go on a picnic 

All in all, I have confidence that I can achieve most of these goals!

-Keep It Simple  
Alyssa J Freitas 

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