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May 21, 2014

Printing: Pocket Printer

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The bane of my existence this past school year was printing. It felt like I was constantly printing (and in COLOR for some of the classes, mind you). It was too expensive for my taste to print in the library so I brought a bulky printer from home which I was forced to keep under my bed because of lack of space. Then, this printer decided it didn't want to print in color. 'Ok printer' I said, 'if that's how you want to play this then I'll rely on the pity of friends when I have to print in color, but you better keep printing in black.' It seems that my stern talk with the printer did not work because it decided to also stop printing in black. 'What is wrong with you? Are you out of ink? No you're not out of ink, but I'll replace it anyway just in case. Oh, so you're still not working. I'm getting very tired of your nonsense printer!' Despite being on the phone with customer service for over two hours, the printer was dead-o fred-o.

Obviously this huge, bulky, expensive printer was/is not cutting it. During some web surfing, I came across one of the coolest and most useful (for me and my pressing problems) technological innovations I've seen in a while: the Pocket Printer from Zuta Labs

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This little guy connects to your PC or smartphone and moves on a sheet of paper to print right there in front of you. How convenient is that?!?! Having a mobile printer would be so wonderful. At the moment the project has been funded through Kickstarter and the team at Zuta Labs is working on making this a reality. Although it will not exactly be affordable to a poor college student, such as myself, right out of the gate, I will certainly keep my eye on the Pocket Printer. How much simpler (and lighter!) would this make printing?

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Alyssa J Freitas 

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