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May 26, 2014


{Photo Credit: Alyssa J Freitas}
Being in a position of leadership and authority is something that I have been comfortable with for quite a while. In high school I was a leader (captain, president, etc) in every club that I was part of. In college, I have every intention of continuing down this rewarding, and difficult, path. 

I've already written about being a coxswain on the crew team, which was the sole domain in which I exercised any leadership my freshman year, but this coming school year I have two very exciting opportunities. I have been hired as a CA (community advisor, comparable to an RA) for a freshman floor. It will be exciting to work closely with my co-CA to make the freshman year experience memorable for the residents of my floor and building. I am certain that I will make many mistakes, have many successes, face many trials, and have many laughs as I become a part of the lives of many (how many times can I possibly use "many" in a sentence...?). In addition to being a CA, I was also chosen to be a Peer Mentor in the business school. I will be a resource for the freshman class of the business school and will guide them in their introductory class. 

It seems that most of my energy this coming year will be dedicated to supporting and leading the freshman class, which is something I couldn't be happier about. Using my experience and lessons I've learned from past mistakes to help others who will go through the same thing is sure to be terribly rewarding. Even thought I have to wait quite a while for all of this to begin, I am excited!

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