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May 16, 2014


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'Why have I had this cold for three weeks?' I asked myself in despair. 'WebMD agrees that a cold should certainly not last this I dying? Oh my goodness, I am definitely dying!' These were the thoughts running through my head because you know anytime you look up symptoms on the internet the diagnosis is either cancer or death.

After going home for Easter, and being exposed to sickness (thanks little brother), I suffered from an unrelenting cold. This allowed me to explore my campus even further to discover the health center; positives, don't you know. I received the earth shattering news that I had a cold and nothing could be done. This answer sufficed for one week, and then another, but by the third this "cold" diagnosis was not going to cut it.

I got to visit another doctor because I am at home now (lucky me- genuinely for being home and factitiously for getting to visit another doctor). This health professional informed me that I could now join the happy club of people with allergies. Yippee.

Some nose sprays and Sudafed pills later, I am feeling much better but not completely myself. I suppose I should count myself fortunate since I avoided this seasonal headache for 19 years, but not being able to open the windows on beautiful days and sneezing when outside is just so sad. At least my fatal diagnosis was wrong ;)

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Alyssa J Freitas 

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