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March 12, 2013

Resources For Language Study

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I do not have a propensity for language. It seems that no matter how long I study or how hard I concentrate, I can never achieve the same level of understanding in my French class as I do in my other classes. That being said, I have discovered some great online resources for studying French. 

The first, and best, resource for learning vocabulary words is a website called To be honest, this site is really great for any subject. Basically, you create an account and are then able to make virtual flashcards. You can take tests with the words and play helpful games. You can also search for sets created by other users. So, for example, you can search for a certain chapter from your textbook and someone may have already made a set of words. I have also found it great to create "classes" with other people. This means that you can invite people to join your class and they can use and add sets to the class. You can divide up the vocabulary among classmates which will save you time and effort. So, in short, Quizlet is amazing.

The site that I have found best for working on grammar is You can search for any grammar point, such as the subjunctive or the passé composé, and there are detailed and easy to understand explanations. Each lesson also includes a quiz which I love for reinforcement. has other languages, such as Spanish and German, so no matter what your course of study is, there are resources.

What online tools do you find helpful for the study of language?

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