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February 17, 2013

Which College To Choose?

Let's go to college to get more knowledge! I love to learn and read and write. I can't wait to go to college! I am currently finishing up my senior year of high school and have already applied to eight colleges. At this point in time I have been accepted to Seton Hall University, Villanova University, and The College of New Jersey. I have no clue where I want to attend! I dream of being a lawyer. Perhaps a corporate attorney or maybe an entertainment lawyer. Seton Hall has given me dual acceptance into the law school and a place in the honors program, which is very appealing. The other schools are also such good options! This decision is so difficult! I suppose I'll have to wait to hear back from all of the schools before reaching a conclusion and sending off that deposit. I'm sure that I'll have a great experience where ever I go as long as I "keep it simple"

-Keep It Simple
Alyssa J Freitas

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