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February 25, 2013

Oscars Fashion

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The Academy Awards was officially re-branded The Oscars this year. I'm not sure that I like the name change. Perhaps I enjoy the classy feel of the name "The Academy Awards" versus "The Oscars," but what is in a name, right?

If we're all being honest, the main reason to watch The Oscars is to gawk at the fabulous dresses that our favorite, or least favorite, actresses are wearing on the red carpet. This year, I was quite underwhelmed. The dresses where mostly neutrals which blended with the starlets' skin and, frankly, made them appear washed out.

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I very much enjoy this classic look which Amanda Seyfried wore. However, when watching her in an interview, it was clear that the top of the dress did not fit properly. The silhouette and style are beautiful but I would have chosen a different color and insisted on better fit.

{Photo Credit: www.justjared.com}
Jennifer Lawrence also chose to wear a neutral color. The jewels are beautiful and I especially loved her necklace which drew attention to her great back. This Dior dress has a wonderful silhouette, but clearly it's very difficult to walk in...
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 Finally, someone wore a bright dress, so thank you Jennifer Aniston. But really, you couldn't get your hair done? Isn't this the same style she wears when getting her groceries? Maybe she should have put in a little more effort because this is The Oscars, after all.

Now, although I was disappointed,  I did have a favorite of the evening.
{Photo Credit: justjared.com}
Although Amy Adams' hair could use some work, I love this dress! The texture adds interest without taking away from her beauty.

So what do you think? Could the stars do better next year?

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Alyssa J Freitas

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