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February 16, 2013

Organization: Closet Edition

I am obsessed with organizing. An organized space yields organized thoughts which makes attaining goals that much easier. The photograph above is not my closet (wouldn't that be amazing though?) but it has all of the elements of organization that I include in my own closet. So let's get started!

1. First of all, you have to edit your clothing. Basically, you must decide what is worth keeping and what must go. I find it helpful to try everything on and really consider what you would wear with it and how often you will wear it.
2. Once you've edited your wardrobe it's time to sort the clothing into seasons. I can't fit all of my clothing into my closet so I divide the items into Winter/Fall and Spring/Summer. Some items go for both seasons so they have a permanent place in the closet. 
3. Next, you have to determine what can hang and what must be folded. As a general rule if an item is heavier it should be folded so it does not stretch out. I recommend investing in getting matching hangers. I use thin, black velvet hangers so that the clothing will not slip. Having thin hangers also maximizes closet space.
4. If you're not too tired yet, take a stab at organizing the clothing by color. I hang all of my jackets together by color. The same goes for all of my tank tops. Any other type of shirt is also in its own section and grouped by color. I have shelving above my clothing rod where I keep my sweaters. Dresses also have their own section (also by color).
5. Lastly, you should try to keep as many accessories as you can in your closet. This will allow you to envision your outfit when you look at your wardrobe. I keep all of my scarfs as well as bags, hats, and headbands on my shelving in the closet. Shoes are lined up on the floor (these are not categorized by color but by style).

Well, that's basically it! Obviously you have to experiment to figure out what works best for you. Good luck and above all remember to keep it simple!

-Keep It Simple
      Alyssa J Freitas      

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