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February 20, 2013

Kindle Love

{Photo Credit: Alyssa J Freitas}

I love my Kindle. I love that I can fit hundreds of books on one device. I love that it is so light weight. I love that I can get library books for free on my Kindle. Basically, I think it's perfect. Since I love my Kindle so much, it only makes sense to get something to protect it. Of course, I knew my case would have to be protective but also very different and stylish. The case I'm using now actually came from an unexpected place; Home Goods. I was on line to check out when I noticed it.  

{Photo Credit: Alyssa J Freitas}
{Photo Credit: Alyssa J Freitas}

How cute is this?!?! It opens like a regular book with a pocket on the left and the Kindle on the right. First of all, I love Jane Eyre. The colors are really great and it's a very sophisticated look. On top of that, the Kindle sits firmly in the case and is protected. Even better, I got it for $10! I've looked all over the internet to try and find others like it, but to no avail. Oh well, at least I got this one.

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Alyssa J Freitas  

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