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February 21, 2013


{Photo Credit: fotosfera on Flickr}

'What in the world does that say?' I asked myself, squinting at the board in physics class. 'Maybe the projector isn't focused. That must be it.' I asked the girl next to me if she could make out what was on the board. She seemed surprised and answered "Yes." I then asked her if I could take a look through her glasses. It was as if a whole new world was awakened on the board; everything was crystal clear. When I arrived home from school, I immediately made an appointment with the eye doctor.

After looking through different lenses, having eye drops put in, and photographs taken of the inside of my eyes (so cool, right?!?!) the doctor determined that I did indeed need eye glasses for distance. The following day I went to LensCrafters to pick my frames. I ended up getting a petite pair of tortoise shell glasses with a slight cat eye shape. Perfectly classy and ever so slightly retro, if I do say so myself. The frames are also aqua blue in the back which really helps to lighten up the look.

Now that I know how clear the world can be, I never want to go back! I highly recommend going to see the eye doctor (see what I just did there? Go see the eye doctor... I really crack myself up) even if your vision is only slightly off. The world can really be a beautiful place when you can see it.

Here I am in my glasses.

{Photo Credit: Alyssa J Freitas}

-Keep It Simple
Alyssa J Freitas

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