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May 31, 2017

Meeting The Parents Etiquette

A little while back I shared a graduation etiquette post I did for Lucy-Claire's blog, Sunny Days and Lovely Ways. Today is another post on etiquette, this time about the sometimes scary and always exciting time of meeting the parents of your significant other.

Click to check it out now or pin to save for later! With something as important as meeting your significant other's parents, you have to know the proper etiquetteI’ve heard meeting your boyfriend’s family is as nerve wrecking as a first date…but I’m going to have to oppose that one. I would say that meeting your significant other’s family is even more scary than heading out on a first date. After all, with a first date if it doesn’t go well you can always move on to the next one, but the family is part of the deal with the person you are seeing. Therefore, it is important to make a great first impression and have a positive experience when you first meet the family. Here are some of the top etiquette tips to ensure that it is a positive experience for all.

Don’t come empty handed 

Whenever you are welcomed to someone’s home it is good to bring a hostess gift. From a candle to a plate of cookies, a small gesture can go a long way. Make sure to ask your significant other if any of his family members have allergies you should be aware of. If you are not meeting at his home, it is still kind to bring a small gift for the parents, like a bouquet of flowers.

Dress like the more modest version of yourself 

While it is important to be yourself when meeting his family, it doesn’t hurt to err on the side of caution with elements like the length of your skirt of the amount of cleavage you reveal. You never want an inappropriate outfit to distract from what you are saying or your personality. For some ideas of what to wear you can look at this article from WhoWhatWear.

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What are your best tips for meeting the parents? Any funny stories?


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