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March 2, 2015

5 Things That Make Me Happy

Ok, so it's actually a really strange coincidence that I am writing this post. Why you ask? Well, I was feeling down in the dumps and uninspired but knew I needed to work on a post so I turned to a list of post ideas, picked a random number, and decided to write about that. Now, when I'm feeling sad I like to listen to "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music to cheer myself up which is exactly what I was doing when I randomly chose the topic of 5 Things That Make Me Happy! Perfect, no?
So here it is!

  1. Watching Bollywood videos. Not only do I watch Bollywood videos when I am rewarding myself for productivity (see the fourth tip here) and when I'm feeling sad, but I also do so when I'm happy. Basically it's all Bollywood all of the time and I couldn't be more pleased.
  2. Eating a Cinnabon. No real explanation is required for that. Everyone knows the bliss that comes from a warm, gooey pastry.
  3. Seeing a live performance. This is not something I get to experience as often as I'd like. Going to the theater is a particular favorite of mine; there's nothing like sitting in anticipation of the curtain rising and watching a story unfold in front of you. 
  4. Dancing and singing. I am a bad dancer. I am also a poor singer. Do I care? Not a bit! Turning up the music in my room and dancing about does wonders for my mood and I can't wipe the smile off of my face. 
  5. Talking to my friends and family. My mother and I speak on the phone multiple times a day and I am always grabbing a meal with friends or going to the library together. Having positive interactions with lots of laughs is a surefire way to feel happy!
What makes you happy?



  1. Agree with number 4 and 5. Cuddles with my cats also always lift me up!


    1. Thanks for reading! Cuddling is always fun :)

  2. Anything Cinnabon! I also love talking with my friends and family, I find that always makes me happy. And seeing my gorgeous pup when I come home from work! xx

  3. Alyssa J Freitas makes me happy :)