Alyssa J Freitas

February 11, 2016

Introduction Etiquette

When you think of introduction etiquette you may imagine outdated pomp and circumstance, however, introductions are still an important part of our social lives and we should be sure to take proper care. Today we're going to discuss the must know information so you can execute an introduction flawlessly!
Introduction Etiquette
As always, make sure that you speak clearly and pleasantly while putting everyone at ease. The whole point of an introduction is to connect people who have an interest in knowing each other, who share commonalities, and who are important to you, so there's no need to be nervous.

Here are the key points to remember:

  • Introduce in order of importance. If you're introducing your roommate to your father, you'd turn to your father and say "Papa, I'd like you to meet Kajal Patel." Then you'd turn to your roommate and say "Kajal, this is my father Mr. Freitas."
  • As in the above example, you use preferred names in your introductions. My father would want my roommate to address him as Mr. Freitas so this is the title I used.
  • This idea of "order of importance" extends to introducing an adult then child, a woman then man, a guest then fellow host, an elder then your peer, someone in senior rank to you then your contemporary, etc. 
  • When you are in a business setting your client or customer comes first then someone from your company (even if it a senior person, like the CEO. The customer always comes first, don't ya know?).
  • Share an interesting detail. If you are introducing people, chances are they are expected to exchange a few words and/or engage in a conversation. Make it easier for everyone involved and share an interesting detail or commonality they can use to begin conversing. For example, you could say "John, Mr. Robbins also is an avid golf player/musical lover/skeet shooter." Then you can join them in their discussion or move on, resting easy in the knowledge that you helped them get started!

Pretty simple, right? Just remember these guidelines and you'll be good to go the next time such an occasion arises.

What do you think makes a great introduction?


February 9, 2016

Bollywood Lately

It's been a while since I've last posted about Bollywood so I think it's high time for an update. Today I'm going to share with you the latest movies and music I've been loving from our friends over in India.
Bollywood Lately
My favorite recent movie is definitely Bajirao Mastani, staring Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, and Priyanka Chopra. It's a "historical" film that I love for the opulent sets and costumes as well as the fantastic dance numbers (note: when watching these videos make sure to turn the quality all the way up by clicking on the gear icon).

I really love this war victory song to get pumped up (and I mean, how hot is Ranveer!?!?)

And this song with Deepika and Priyanka is to die for.

It reminds me so much of this song with Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai, not only in the style but also the storyline. Two women in love with the same man seems to be a recurring theme...but then again Bollywood has never really been known for its originality.

Now, while these videos aren't new, I have been loving the work of Vidya Vox. She does the absolute best mashups and I can't help but jam out to them (especially when Justin Bieber is involved).

It may be surprising that I haven't shared anything from my love Shahrukh Khan, but unfortunately his movies lately have left much to be desired. He has a new movie coming out this year called Fan that I have a little more hope for. Fingers crossed he comes through! Here's a throwback to an older movie because I can't resist getting him in somehow :)

There also hasn't been anything from my girl Anushka Sharma, so this is one last throwback.

What media have you been loving lately? What do you think of my Bollywood picks?


February 4, 2016

The #1 Question You MUST Ask In Every Interview

I love going on interviews. I'm weird. I know, they are nerve wrecking and my palms certainly sweat just like everyone else, but I have a secret which allows every interview to be a success. Of course you must come prepared with questions and have background knowledge of the company and all of that. That's a given. What you may not know is there is a key question to ask at the end of every interview which will guarantee success.
The #1 Question You MUST Ask In Every Interview

After going through the normal exchange and demonstrating to the interviewer why you are a great fit and bring unique skills to the position, there may still be some doubts that haven't come to light. If there is even the slightest bit of hesitancy on the part of the interviewer it is essential that you find that out and address it during your interview. You want to walk out of the room with 100% certainty that you did everything you could to ensure that the interviewer moves you on to the next steps. You know that key question I mentioned before? That's what you're going to use to find out if there are any lingering doubts and take care of them then and there. This is how you're going to close your interview.

What is this question, you ask? Well, it's very simple:

Based on everything we've discussed is there any reason you wouldn't recommend me for the position?

Let's look at the possible answers to see how this question is a win for you no matter what.

Answer 1: No, you've shown you're a really great fit and I'm happy to recommend that you move on in the process. 
Score! You got verbal confirmation that you did a great job.

Answer 2: Yes, I'm concerned about x.
Ok, you've still got a little bit of work to do. Let's say x was you're lack of professional experience because you're a college student and haven't really been in the work force. You could discuss your leadership on campus and how you interacted with administrators, demonstrating that you can be effective in a professional setting. Then you must ask, "Did that address your concern?" If you get a yes, you're good to go!

With this question up your sleeve you'll always know where you stand and be able to represent yourself so well. Go out there and show them what you've got!

What are your best interview tips? Would you use this question?


If you're going on a college interview check out this advice.
Make sure to follow this interview etiquette.
And send a thank you note!

February 2, 2016

On Managing Expectations

With the start of the new year there seems to be endless possibilities. We are all going to get fit and be clean eating, yoga doing goddesses. Our productivity is going to skyrocket, our organization will be on point, and we'll never go to bed without washing our faces again. Yes, we say to ourselves, this is what 2016 will be all about.
On Managing Expectations
What happens when we create expectations in our mind that don't come to fruition exactly as we hoped? When our preconceived notions of how an event will play out isn't what happens? We are often faced with disappointment and shame, feeling as though we should have been better, smarter, more prepared, etc. Our expectations can have amazing power over our feelings and cause us to be elated when something surpasses our anticipations or saddened when it's not as good as we thought it would be.

Expectations, however, do not have to be hindrances to our happiness. In fact, we can harness our expectations and strategically make them work to our advantage. Here are some ways to reframe your thoughts and actions to make expectations work for you.

Read the rest of my guest post on the Wonderforest blog here.


Photo credit: Ally Marcino

January 28, 2016

5 Things I've Learned In 21 Years

My birthday is on Saturday!!! I'm so excited to celebrate my 21st birthday while simultaneously sad to be taking another step toward adulthood. Last year I shared 5 things I learned since turning 20 a few months after my 20 birthday because so much happened in a short span of time. Today I'm going to let you in on the 5 things I've learned throughout my years on this earth. Enjoy!

1. Life is one constant project.
It's just a series of trials, one right after the other, until the end of your time. Seriously. As much as we strive to have it all figured out and get ourselves to that perfect sweet spot of contentment, there is always something that will come up. If you're not identifying new areas to improve or facing new challenges, than you're not actually growing. So embrace it!

2. Hard work is the only way to get what you want.
In the same vein as number 1, this constant project we call life requires hard work. You must be disciplined and put in the time and effort if you want to see results. This applies to everything from your grades, to your health, to your relationships. Nothing comes easy so you must figure out what you want and be happy to work for it.

3. It's all about the memories you create.
Some of All of my best memories have some element of something going wrong/something daring/something happening on a large scale. People will say that it's the small moments that create the greatest memories, and to some extent that's true, but for me I like big, unique things (see skydiving, a Shahrukh Khan concert, sales competitions, and beautiful events). Trying different things and discovering what you think is wicked awesome will allow you to create more of the memories you cherish.

4. Find some interest you love and soak it up.
I don't mean you have to choose something like fine art (although if you do, that's awesome!) I'm referring to discovering a genre of music, or type of book, or style of cooking. Immersing yourself in an interest is fulfilling, rewarding, and makes you a more dynamic person to talk to. The most attractive people are full of passion not only for their family or work or friends, but also for what gives their hearts joy. For me, it's all about Bollywood. And American revolutionary history. And minimalism. And etiquette. So you see you can discover a lot.

5. You can choose to be happy.
Although it may seem like circumstances and the actions of other people dictate your happiness, it's not true. You, my darling reader, are in complete control how you respond to anything you face, and you can choose happiness. Yes, it is tough. Yes, at times it may seem impossible. But the fact of the matter is that your brain and emotions are at the mercy of your will and perspective, so make it good!

Well, that's some of what I've learned in the past years (along with a lot of song lyrics and useless facts for classes I never want to think about again). What are some of the life lessons you carry with you?